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Our Video Recording Services

Our in house video services are provided by Hollywould Filmwerks, who specialize in creating professional photos and videos that are clear and commercial-ready. These seasoned videographers understand what you are looking for and can capture the emotions and moments that you cherish.

Professional Videography

Our seasoned videographers in Wisconsin are knowledgeable in a wide range of videography services. We offer high quality, attention-getting results from a full range of creative services under one roof. We do:

  • Promo Videos – We deliver commercial-ready advertisements and corporate promotional videos that will help boost awareness of your brand, products, and services across different forms of media.
  • Commercials – We create engaging content and experiences for your commercial video. Our videographers use artistic skill and customization to perfectly and dynamically deliver your message to new and existing customers in a thoughtful, engaging and memorable way.
  • Music Videos – From our audio recording to our video recording studio, we can help you get your talent discovered. If you have the music and the desire, we have the team to help you create the video that reflects your personality, and your sound. We specialize in creating high quality, fresh and exciting music videos for artists and musicians to help them gain more fans, sell more digital downloads, and book more shows.
  • Instructional Videos – Make your business more reachable to your clientele with clear, concise, and pro-quality instructional videos. We also make professional instructional videos for mini-lectures, community involvement, and educational purposes, among others.
Photo Shoot

Professional Personal Photo Shoot

Taking a professional shot entails more than the right lighting, camera, and shooting you at the right angle. You need a photo that speaks to your audience. Our personal photo shoots capture your personality, style, and unique traits. We embrace and highlight your features while capturing your emotions and one-of-a-kind photo presence.

Video Production Company

Our professional photography entails more than just taking random photos of the once-in-a-lifetime moments you wish to capture. They focus on you, your story, personality and the unique elements of your special day. Whether our services are for you, your wedding, your business, or your event, we know that you want to treasure these times. Our photos are full of life and happiness, and capture these moments with the expressions showed at the time. Trust our dependable and creative team to deliver a quality, unique and lasting video you can count on.

Holleywould Filmwerks is a family owned business comprised of two brothers who love working with film and photography. The brothers have an advanced aptitude and vision for bringing any film project to life, whether it be a simple commercial, lively music video, or extravagant wedding film. They have been working closely together for 10 years, at this company and at outside jobs. Derek and Trevor are a hard-working duo who strive to satisfy the needs of their clients and always have an open ear for new ideas and input.

Zooming Video Camera Lens


Derek Holley is the CEO and Chief Editor/Engineer for Holleywould Filmwerks. He is an outgoing musician who has been active in the music community for 10+ years. He has had a love for film and the art of film editing since high school and specializes in music videos and music projects. He enjoys music, video games, and the Green Bay Packers.


Trevor Holley is the main Camera Technician for the company, and has 5+ years of camera work under his belt. His love for the romantic only adds to his adeptness for wedding videos and photography. He strives to capture life’s special moments and has a knack for getting the perfect angles. His ability to talk to people and cater to their needs sets him above the competition in his field. He enjoys fishing, video games, and the Chicago Bears

Our Rates for Stunning Photography and Heart-Warming Videography

The seasoned team at Studio 1 Recording offers their services at affordable prices. Professional videos start at $100. This is subject to the type of videography you require and the additional services, talent, and props you may need. Whether you’re recording your studio practice, your wedding, any other special event, or a music video you want featured on MTV, we offer the best price for value. Our professional photo shoot starts at $100. We also have special rates for weddings and other special events. Capture your moments with 4K HD quality equipment, professional tools, and seasoned photographers and videographers. The right video production company is at your service.


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