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Looking for solid and consistent recording services and personnel in a comfortable environment? Studio 1 Recording guarantees clients a professional experience and high-quality product!

High Quality Product

While searching for a studio, it is important for the artist to consider that he/she/they will get what they pay for. Talent teamed with high-quality personnel and equipment is the key.  Studio 1 Recording’s certified recording engineer & teaching artist, Derrick Holt, will work closely with artists to create the best possible performance in the recording process. Derrick also heads up the beatmaking, songwriting, deejaying, and podcasting class in the Artist Development program.


Derrick holt, Studio 1 Recording’s engineer, creates genre specific mixes and different combinations of song elements to create a balanced and cohesive record. He was trained on old school tape machines, API/SSL/Neve multitrack boards, and out board gear, but he has been using Pro Tools and Waves plugins for years as well. Tone shaping, pitch correction, timing, and dynamic control…

Studio 1 Recording’s certified recording engineer will use all tools available to create a quality mix that will translate anywhere.

Digital Mastering

The final step in the recording process, mastering ensures the quality of your recording is comparable to industry standards. Adjustment to frequency levels, compression and overall loudness are addressed during the mastering process. A well recorded, mixed, and mastered product is a sign of professionalism.

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Professional Recording Studio


Our lead recording engineer Derrick Holt is a certified, experienced, and well-trained industry professional. He received training on multi-track analog API, SSL, and Neve consoles with endless outboard gear. Holt adheres to the industry standard in quality productions all along producing fresh music across genres, styles, and sound choices. He knows classic recording techniques as well as cutting-edge styles that will benefit you or your band in countless ways. Whether you are comfortable playing in isolation or all at once, our audio recording studio can deliver a choice quality audio that suits your style and audience.


Studio 1 Recording offers professional equipment, industry professionals, and premium quality audio recording studio services at competitive prices.

  • Audio Recording is available at $45/hour.
  • Professional mixing to create new and fresh music costs $45/hour.
  • Track mastering to ensure your collection of songs are cohesive and balanced is only at $35/hour.


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