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Music Development Services

Amp up your music career by learning more musical skills and improving your talent. Studio 1 Recording offers FREE Artist Development classes to the Wisconsin community. We teach songwriting, beat-making, and guide artists in their performances. We provide tested and proven tips that will help you make it big in this industry. With the help of a sought-after Teaching Artist, you can ensure you give your best performance when recording music and shooting a music video.

Music Development Focused on the Community

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Studio 1 Recording has an open space available for band practices, dance rehearsals, and music classes. Our Teaching Artist Derrick Holt is a professional consultant in the Madison Metropolitan School District. He also built a community initiative from scratch to help expand the reach of music development in Wisconsin. We help our community reach out to the youth with a Digital Audio Arts program designed for the Wallace Foundation. This funded the Youth Arts Initiative at the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay. Derrick Holt is also known for teaching the youth in Wisconsin on how to create and record digital music. He has been reaching out to the youth in the community since 1998 and continues to do so to this day.

Premier Artist Development

At Studio 1 Recording, we encourage artists to learn songwriting and take pride in their own compositions. Many singers are yet to write their own songs. Once they are with Studio 1 Recording, they are able to realize their songwriting prowess and compete in the music industry. While talent is important in this industry, those who can showcase more than one talent enjoy a larger fanbase and more industry presence. Even the celebrated artists of today write songs they or other artists sing on stage. This makes musicians who are also composers in-demand in this industry.
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Dedicated to Quality

The studio owner and staff alike are dedicated to the causes of youth and artist development. As a result, Studio 1 Recording works with area organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of Fox Valley & Youth Go and will be continually expanding youth development efforts.

Music Development For Everyone

Anyone can learn music at any age. We reach out to the youth and seniors in our community so they can reap the benefits of learning music. From the womb to senior age, music has proven to benefit everyone who develops an interest in it. Music can be your outlet for stress. Music can be your avenue for unleashing your emotions, your story, and your passions. Music can help you in school and at work. Music is also known to boost your cognitive functions including your memory, ability to plan, and coordination. The impact that learning music development on a person can even bear fruit. You may realize that with a little help from our certified recording engineer, you can create beats, melodies, and write songs that can compete in this industry. All you may need is professional guidance, know-how on classic as well as modern techniques, and experience. Studio 1 Recording can extend that to you. We can even help you discover your own talent and become a celebrated artist yourself. If you’re looking for Artist Development pros in the industry, look no further than Studio 1 Recording.
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Co-writing Works Too

Collaborate with seasoned songwriters to get a better idea of the kind of music that is selling like hotcakes in today’s radio market. Professional songwriters can help you improve your songwriting ability and perfect your compositions. At Studio 1 Recording, you will learn the importance of the story-line, melody, and hook. Artist Development can help you find your one-of-a-kind style and personality.


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